Thursday, 6 June 2013



We've seen a lot of really beautiful paper garlands used as party decoration and photo backdrops. So, we wanted to try and make a pennant version. We used good quality tissue paper and wrapping paper.

They're easy to make and add a fun punch of colour to any party!

See the full instructions below...

1.                                                                     2.

3.                                                                     4.
5.                                                                     6.

Step 1. Materials needed: Tissue Paper (good quality - the heavier and stiffer, the better), double sided tape, scissors, lead pencil, twine, ruler

Step 2. Measure and pencil out your paper. The size we used was 12.5x30cm (remember each pennant is folded in half) so the length 30cm turns into 15cm. Cut out

Step 3. Fold each cut piece in half length ways

Step 4: Cut a triangle as your guide. Pencil out all pennants and cut this piece out

Step 5. Cut your twine length. We made ours 2metres. Using a small strip of double sided tape. Stick tape of centre fold, take adhesive strip off and stick twine across the centre fold. Fold side over and line up so that each pennant is straight

Step 6. Your garland is now ready to hang

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