Tuesday, 18 June 2013


These cute paper flowers can be used anywhere... A flower wall backdrop, corsages, decorations on tables, stationary, present decorating... the list is endless.

Materials Needed: Crepe paper, tissue paper, floristry wire {cut to 15cm}, PVA glue, scissors

Step1: Cut out petals, smaller and slightly larger {don't be too perfect} - you will need approximately 8-10 depending on size. Make sure you cut petals with the grain vertical - crepe paper is stretchy. As you can see in the image the petals have been stretched slightly to make the petals curve

Step2: Make a bud for the centre {yellow} cut segments in the tissue to give it texture. use a spot of glue and roll around floristry wire.

Step3: With the smaller petals {we used tissue} add a spot of glue and add each petal individually. Slightly overlapping each petal as you go.

Step4: Glue the larger petals around the smaller petals {we used crepe paper for the larger petals}

These paper flowers are very quick and easy to make. If you want to make a heap! prep lots of petals before you start to make the process run smoothly. If you want to make bigger flowers.. Easy! Just do everything on a bigger scale. 

Styling - Simply Style Co
Images - Simply Style Co

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  1. These are very cute, I love them.
    I'm planning on making a bouquet for my sister :)

    Isabelle @ Head Red + Blondi